About us

Welcome to Good Or Bag

My name is Pamela, the founder and owner of Good Or Bag.

I have been a private collector of vintage luxury for many years. It all started with Prada, but my interest shifted towards Louis Vuitton pretty early on. Throughout the years of collecting and being a true Louis Vuitton nerd, I have been hunting and buying unique items for my personal collection from all around the world. 

The best thing about preloved luxury and vintage is the fact that you are able to shop and be kind to our planet at the same time. The quality, craftsmanship and bags that never go out of style, the history of the brand and the vast amount of different designs and models means there is always something new to explore. It never gets boring. 

Over the years, the wish to share my treasures with others has grown stronger, and now I finally have the opportunity to share a selection of handpicked items from all around the world with all of you.
Of course, some other brands will enter the shop from time to time, but the main focus will be on LV.
Good Or Bags goal is to give our customers the best experience there is to find when shopping luxury items by offering bags and accessories in lovely condition, and always providing the friendliest service in the business. We are always just a message away via Instagram or e-mail. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking for a special piece for your collection.

With love  ❤️ Pamela @ Good Or Bag

PS: If you share the love of Louis Vuitton, please come and join our Facebook group, Swedens largest Facebook group dedicated to Vuitton: "Louis Vuitton Köp, Sälj, Diskussion". We are 5 Louis Vuitton lovers who run the group together.